...At the intersection of Main and Sharp Streets

For over 100 years the building which occupies the corner of Main and Sharp Streets has served as a cornerstone to this waterman's town. It is a fortunate town indeed that has preserved the monuments to its earlier beginnings - landmarks which have endured the tests of change and the ravages of time.

Have a real milkshake from a real soda fountain!
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The handsome marble fountain and stainless soda fountain is the original.

For over 60 years Rock Hall residents and visitors have relished the delectable concoctions that can be whipped together only behind an authentic soda fountain.

...Durdings carries just about every over-the-counter remedy known to man...

It's like when I was a kid - or maybe when Granddad was a kid!

Over in the corner, the old wooden telephone booth still stands...and works!

Durding's is the place to go for all kinds of greeting cards - the Hallmark card collection is huge!

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